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Our Technology & Communication practice has one of the strongest networks of people and businesses in this space. We work with many of the top VC and PE Funds, right at the cutting edge. Our network produces candidates and mandates in:

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How we see the future for tech

The Tech sector is changing at an exponential rate and with this comes opportunity. This is where some of our clients see growth coming from over the next decade:

‘Exponential’ Technologies

Significant opportunities are also being opened up by ‘exponential’ technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI). The rate of their growth is such that to predict where they might end up will read like something from science fiction. Just looking at 3D printers for one, imagine buying a plot of land and a plan for a house and then printing the parts for the house. That will be one reality as will be printing our own food.

The advance of Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive technologies such as speech pattern recognition, machine learning and language processing are all being built into new software applications, giving big data more power. Learning will take on new capabilities and will be one of the major growth areas and will FS.  

Blockchain and the power of a new digital currency

Blockchain, the basis for the online bitcoin currency, could have a major impact on the financial services sector and for any company which manages a significant amount of transaction data.  

The ‘Internet of Things’ IoT will take over

The ‘Internet of Things’ is only just making its presence felt and there will be plenty of opportunities here. By 2025, it is expected that there will be tens of billions of data-spouting devices connected to the Internet. The list is growing daily but all these devices will be embedded with sensors that gather, store and analyse data and they will all be connected to the Internet for a multitude of reasons such as software updating, remote controlling and much more. Smart cars, burglar alarms, door locks, robots, streetlights, heart monitors, trains, etc; every aspect of our lives will have a IoT flavour even washing machines.

The future is XaaS

‘Anything as a service’ will take off, allowing for more usage-based consumption. Services will not be used be used locally but will mainly be delivered via the internet. The economics will drive this forward with low barriers of entry and little to no capital expenditure.  It will provide massive scalability and multi tenancy involvement with cost being shared across multiple users.


Cybersecurity products and services are another area with a bright future. Cyberwar and an AI arms race will emerge by 2030. This might seem dramatic but most cyberattacks will eventually come from AI and the best way to combat them is once again from AI. The pace of the attacks is likely to increase as is the complexity. Professionals in this space and the supply of them will always be behind demand. Bad actors and failed AI will be the main perpetrators of these attacks.


How we see the future for communications

Emergence of 5G in the UK

A future UK telco infrastructure will be created with a sense of urgency, its aim, to move the UK into the world of zettabytes as web traffic increases, powering new connected devices such as smart homes and driverless cars, as well as technologies including virtual reality (VR) which require more power. 5G could, by government estimates, add £173 billion to the British economy by 2030.

Post Brexit, the UK will also need to become a global trading partner again and that will necessitate attracting businesses from all over the world to relocate and invest here. As a result, 2018 will see the start of 5G trials funded by a £16 million investment from the government.

Integration: connectivity and cost-cutting

As the cost of providing services becomes increasingly cheaper due to market competition, we will enter a strong, negative feedback loop.  Connectivity means information value chains are being captured in smaller numbers, while content, product delivery and service providers capture more.  The impact of this, is that by 2025 we’re likely to see several major telecoms businesses having been acquired by a content company.

Security: the dangers of networks

Carriers play a key role in acting as custodians of networks, and must constantly be alert to new threats and dangers.  Customers’ expectations are already high, but in the future, they will demand more proactive protection from the internet value chain and carriers will be forced to invest in new technical and operational innovations.  If they can embrace the need, this could well define who are the leaders of the future.

Saturation: finding growth opportunities

At some point the generation of Baby Boomers will enter assisted living facilities and retirement homes which have all been fully digitised to maximise efficiency.  

Older UK citizens will be compelled to use such technologies as the facilities will all be interdependent on the internet (IoT), meaning they will consume more bandwidth than ever before.  As this happens, the final percentages of market penetration will have been achieved and the market will have reached saturation point.

Ascension: the emergence of sky based networks

The drive to deliver an infrastructure to as a wide an audience as possible and one that has no geographical boundaries will result in the delivery of space-, drone- or balloon-based systems that provide high-speed broadband access to anywhere, at any time, wherever consumers are in the world.  This has been piloted before but was costly and there was limited traction. Costs have come down since.

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