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The Real Estate sector has seen a high degree of consolidation over the past decade. With Real Estate becoming a global asset class, we have worked tirelessly to build a network that is second to none. Our mandates and candidates are in:

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  • Debt
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How we see the future for real estate

Offices will be fully-equipped by the ‘Internet of Things’ by 2030, with internet capabilities embedded in most office equipment.  Warehouses and vehicles will become fully automated and stores printing personalised products will be set up on-site.

Banks and other fs institutions backing real estate again

With banks, pension funds and insurance companies all returning to the real estate market, they will increasingly look for low-risk, long-term investment opportunities, this will however further inflate prices.

Diversifications across re asset classes and into new regions

Supply shortages and resulting price rises will force investors to seek alternatives, while those keen to remain in real estate will be compelled to diversify their portfolios in terms of location and use.  Hotels, retail outlets, residential developments, student accommodation and logistics developments will become more attractive, and if buyers cannot buy then they will build.

A new landscape created by urbanisation and a loss of white collar jobs

This is perhaps the biggest driver of change. Digital labour will transform the workplace, with many traditional white-collar jobs becoming automated.  We have already seen this within the finance and the legal sectors. As the nature of the work undertaken by the workforce changes, so too will the types of real estate they require.

Hot desking, flexible office space will all interact with cloud computing and the traditional fixed office space will be a thing of the past. Call centres will be driven by AI.

More creative structures to mitigate risk

Risks from taxation and regulation will impact on how real estate investment vehicles are structured, with the need for disclosure already having an effect.  A constantly changing tax environment has already led to uncertainty, and increased regulation is draining returns by adding to administrative and operational costs. We may well see a post Brexit climate with less regulation as UK-Gov attempt to attract international investors.

Further political influence and eventual interference

Political influence creates both opportunities and challenges.  Investing in real estate creates jobs, attracts finance from overseas and benefits local communities, all of which encourage economic growth.  The sector may well see tax breaks if the government is put under greater pressure to solve the UK’s housing crisis.

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Novello Search recruits both permanent and interim CEO’s across a multitude of sectors. We have invested many years building our network of clients and candidates resulting in some of the most interesting mandates and strongest pipeline of candidates out there.

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Our portfolio of clients ranges from PE Funds and their assets; later stage VC backed companies; family run firms; other investor-backed businesses to stand alone corporates in a range of sectors. Both our clients and candidates are fully assessed and qualified before introducing them to you.

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Novello Search is suitable for a wide range of candidates and vacancies.