The media sector will go from strength to strength as the digital age continues to shape its future. Content will be truly global and the size of the audience will grow significantly from where it is now, as India, China and other markets gain better access to the internet.

How Novello source our mandates and candidates has also gone digital with much of our research run through complex algorithms and outsourced globally.


Subsectors we can supply in:

  • Broadcasting Advertising
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Interactive Media Publishing
  • Gaming


How we see the future for media

Video content consumption set to outstrip cinema admissions

Virtual reality (VR) and E-Sports look set to be the fastest growing sectors, while analogue world TV advertising will continue to grow in the coming years.  By 2020, consumers will be spending more on video content from companies such as Netflix than they will on cinema tickets, as the ‘binge-watching’ phenomenon shows no signs of diminishing.

Box sets are one obvious example; have you ever devoured 2 or 3 episodes in one sitting. Video content will continue to dominate consumers’ smartphone use, with some forecasters anticipating 26% growth over the next five years.

The power of data

Creative industries will become better at harnessing the power of data.  Patterns in consumer behaviour will be easier to break down and analyse, meaning companies will be able to improve the customer experience with more creative thinking around online ads.  Ads will become personalised and more relevant. This, in turn, will make the process far more efficient and effective for advertisers.

The rise of audio

Amazon Echo has already taken off in a major way, with the voice assistant Alexa allowing consumers to request services, information and entertainment with a simple voice command.

This impressive gadget has created a wealth of possibilities when it comes to audio technology, and could boost the sales of voice activated devices around the world.  Just around the corner, we could see a world where all manner of tasks can be fulfilled through audio and this will include audio branding and much much more.

M&A activity will continue to rise

There will certainly be a rise in M&A activity. Between 2018 and 2025, we will see the martech and adtech spaces consolidate.  To succeed, organisations will need to acquire rival experts in their field.  Creating a single, established unit which can manage every aspect of advertising to the highest standards will be critical over the next five years – good news for media agencies and marketers.

Consolidation should make it easier for organisations to wade through the flood of offers from potential partners, all of them promising unique content, capabilities and audiences.  

With smaller but more comprehensive sets of media and tech partners to work with, marketers will be able to focus on longer-term roadmaps and align themselves more effectively with marketers’ needs.  This will in turn create further niching which will improve the customer experience and lead to better business results.

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Novello Search recruits both permanent and interim CEO’s across a multitude of sectors. We have invested many years building our network of clients and candidates resulting in some of the most interesting mandates and strongest pipeline of candidates out there.

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Our portfolio of clients ranges from PE Funds and their assets; later stage VC backed companies; family run firms; other investor-backed businesses to stand alone corporates in a range of sectors. Both our clients and candidates are fully assessed and qualified before introducing them to you.

Your imagination is the limit!

Novello Search is suitable for a wide range of candidates and vacancies.