As we all know, the Healthcare Sector is making advances at a staggering rate and for the past decade finding CEOs and CFOs who have the precise product/niche sectoral experience in our clients’ fields has been challenging for all concerned: some of the advances are so cutting edge that no one has worked in them before. Novello Search focuses across the core sectors below where we look at the hard skills that are cross transferable between each.


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Some game changers in the future of healthcare

AI Diagnostics

Based on the lace of technology by 2020, some chronic conditions such cancer could be diagnosed within minutes thanks to cognitive systems, which would relay real-time 3D images and identify physiological characteristics of the diseases from scans.  By 2025 AI systems could be rolled out in 50% of UK hospitals and 60% of hospitals and insurance companies worldwide.  This will make the initial outlay expensive but the costs for ongoing use will come down.

Gene Editing, CRISPR/Cas9

The gene editing technique known as CRISPR/Cas9 can reliably target modifications of DNA in a fast and cost-effective way.  This promises to transform how R&D is conducted, and improved products will be developed across the global life sciences community.  CRISPR/Cas9 exploded onto the research scene in 2014, and since then companies have been jostling to develop new therapeutics and research tools using the technology.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsies are used to extract cancer cells from patients through a single blood cell, and have the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment by monitoring cancer cells in a non-intrusive manner.  At present, patients require repeated invasive biopsies in order to monitor the progress of the disease, so liquid biopsies offer a very attractive solution to patients and diagnostic companies alike.  The focus on blood biomarkers such as ctDNA and CTCs offers hope that tumours will, in future, be monitored non-invasively.


Cancer care could be transformed through the use of immunotherapies, which focus on the immune system in regards to cancerous tumours.  Significant numbers of patients could benefit and survival rates dramatically improve thanks to the use of immunotherapies, and although they are still in their infancy, once an algorithm for their effective use has been developed the potential growth is incredible. 

Multiple breakthrough cures from the bacteria that live in the human body

Those working in the life sciences will increase the amount of research which is carried out into the human body’s microbiome, the tiny organisms including bacteria which influence multiple systems in our bodies, such as metabolic processes and the immune system.  A variety of conditions could see better treatments developed as a result, including pre-term births, autoimmune diseases and metabolic controls.

3D printing

3D printing will become a normal part of everyday life in the healthcare system due to its incredible power in customising treatments.  Customisation can reduce medical expenses and surgery times, with the largest applications currently manufactured including prosthetics, medical devices, dental implants and hearing aids.  In the future, it is hoped that 3D printing of human tissues could lead to the creation of new organs and larger tissues, to be used in surgical grafts in order to replace damaged parts of the body.

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Novello Search recruits both permanent and interim CEO’s across a multitude of sectors. We have invested many years building our network of clients and candidates resulting in some of the most interesting mandates and strongest pipeline of candidates out there.

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Our portfolio of clients ranges from PE Funds and their assets; later stage VC backed companies; family run firms; other investor-backed businesses to stand alone corporates in a range of sectors. Both our clients and candidates are fully assessed and qualified before introducing them to you.

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