Novello Search helps CFOs secure a range of positions both in the permanent and the interim market.

Our portfolio of clients ranges from PE Funds and their assets; later stage VC backed companies; family run firms; other investor-backed businesses to stand alone corporates in a range of sectors.

We are a knowledge-based recruitment firm with a footprint indelibly etched in building out strategic and commercial leadership teams. This is what we do best.

As above our Client base includes but is not limited to:

– PE and VC-Backed Organisations
– Corporates
– SME’s
– Publicly quoted

Our CFO practice covers roles in:

– Fundraising
– Transactions / M&A / Sell side or Buy Side
– Strategy & Commercial
– Business Transformation
– Control / Financial Stewardship
– Tax structuring and IP

What type of CFO are you?

Typically, our clients look for CFOs who fit into the following, or a mix of the following categories.

Our CFO mandates differ significantly between companies, and are often influenced by a firm’s history, the nature of the industry in which it works, the demands of stakeholders and investors.  

While neatly categorising CFOs according to management style might seem an artificial exercise, many of our clients find this useful when discussing the types of individuals who are available.

Which one or mix are you?

The CFO Generalist

Organisations working in capital-intensive industries such as the oil and gas sector, telecommunications or basic materials greatly value operational capabilities, and therefore want a top team with broad experience.  

For this reason, they tend to look for CFOs who have a background which has taken them outside the world of finance; perhaps those who have also worked in general management, marketing, operations or strategy.

The CFO generalist can bring strong industry insights with them and understand the nature of the competition.  They will often be heavily engaged in the operations and strategy side of the business, and are usually best suited to companies in more mature industries, such as financial institutions.  

These organisations can provide ample opportunity for them to rotate between roles alongside other managers, gaining a wealth of experience about the workings of the company and vital knowledge about various departments.

They are usually internally hired and may be groomed to take on the CEO role at a later date, meaning that they are ideally suited to firms where personal influence is fundamental to success.

The Financial Guru

Usually recruited from within the company, these CFOs tend to have an intricate knowledge of the organisation they work for which has been built up over many years of experience.  They may have worked their way through a variety of financial roles within the company, such as business unit finance, control, treasury, audit and FP&A.  They will likely have advanced expertise in financial regulations, international accounting, accountancy issues or structuring capital.

CFOs of this nature tend to be well suited to stand-alone businesses or those which are highly decentralised, particularly small, early-stage companies looking to scale up and professionalise their finance function.  

Their experience and broad knowledge base mean that they are able to standardise such companies’ financial procedures and ensure that they comply effectively with all financial regulations.  The finance guru CFO may also be the best choice for a company where the management team lacks financial leadership and knowledge, or with a finance department which is not operating efficiently.

The High Performance Leader

Performance leader CFOs usually have a proven track record in turning around failing finance functions within various organisations.  Their focus is usually on cost control, promoting the use of scorecards and metrics and standardising how data and systems are managed.  

CFOs of this nature are often brought in from outside the company, and many will have previous experience in CFO roles or international experience.

The high performance leader will usually be highly motivated, have a positive attitude combined with energy and possess the two Cs:  courage and confidence. This person will be highly disciplined in their approach. That’s not to say that the other types of CFO’s lack the above but this type of CFO will possess these qualities in droves.

Companies keen to employ this type of CFO are usually highly diversified and in need of close analytics to compare business performance; those with aggressive, short-term growth and cost targets to be met; or those with limited resources which must be carefully allocated.

The Growth Champion

Growth champion CFOs are usually externally hired and are most commonly found in industries which are subject to frequent disruptions and which require a sudden change in resource distribution.  Although they are the least common type of CFO, they account for nearly a quarter of new CFO hires.  

They are well suited to companies which are setting out to reshape their business portfolio or expand rapidly, and many will bring with them significant experience of M&A.

Valued for their independent thinking, their external networks, their strategic insight and their years of experience, many growth champion CFOs have spent considerable portions of their careers in private equity, investment banking or consulting.

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Novello Search recruits both permanent and interim CEO’s across a multitude of sectors. We have invested many years building our network of clients and candidates resulting in some of the most interesting mandates and strongest pipeline of candidates out there.

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Our portfolio of clients ranges from PE Funds and their assets; later stage VC backed companies; family run firms; other investor-backed businesses to stand alone corporates in a range of sectors. Both our clients and candidates are fully assessed and qualified before introducing them to you.

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Novello Search is suitable for a wide range of candidates and vacancies.